Marriage is a legal union of two people. It is the most important and fascinating event of everyone's life; everyone wants to enjoy this moment and make it unforgettable for their whole life. This is a supremely significant event for a girl as she has waited for this moment her entire life. Arrangement of a marriage in a given budget could be a big challenge; according to the data by the KNOT, the average marriage expenses in 2019 is 28,000$, which may increase up to 30,000$.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different affordable wedding venues which are best and most reasonable for us; after reading the report, the reader will be able to know how can he manage a beautiful marriage ceremony on a meager and friendly budget. The first question you should ask yourself in that situation is, "which are affordable wedding venues in LA?" As a marriage management consultant, I will share different ideas and valuable information which will help you arrange the ceremony.


The courthouse is considered the cheapest wedding venue for the couple as it does not cost any extra money; in court marriage, you only have to pay the fee for the marriage license and the clerk fee. These whole marriage expenditures are estimated to be under hundred dollars. If you are an anti-social person who does not socialize, then I suggest court marriage.

At home

A marriage ceremony at home, whether it's your or any other friend's home, would be more expensive if you manage inside the house because you have to waste a lot of money on the decorations. So I suggest people arrange the outdoor ceremony where natural greenery is already present, which helps save our money. The expenditures for the wedding at home depend on different factors, first, how many guests have arrived, which dishes you delivered, and many more. It depends on your budget and how you will manage the marriage ceremony.

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On a boat or yacht

If you and your girlfriend are thalassofiles(someone loves the sea) and you invite just a few people to the marriage ceremony, then a boat or small yacht is a perfect option. As both of you love to travel on the water, it would become the best memory for you. This type of marriage's expenditures depends upon the yacht's size and rent. If you want to make your marriage ceremony memorable, this is the best idea.

National park

National parks are the most popular places in the US for marriage ceremonies as they already have greenery, beaches, and wildlife. Most of the national parks start their package with at least sixty dollars. Keep in mind some national parks charge an additional fee for picking up the trash behind. It is helpful in two manners first one is the beautiful scenery and the second one is the affordable prices.


Many restaurants have beautiful locations inside; they also offer different discount offers for birthday parties and other ceremonies, so it is beneficial for a couple to manage their marriage ceremony in a restaurant with a discount offer. The expenditures of the ceremony depend upon the no. of guests arriving and the variety of food; some restaurants provide a package per person for a few dollars. Some restaurants offer the sitting place and environment to the customers, and preparing food is not their duty.

Nonprofit organization

In an organization that is organized for purposes other than profit, the income of this organization is not distributed among its members. These organizations work for the betterment of society and the well-being of different people. If a couple cannot marry due to a high budget, they should contact another type of organization to help them get married.

College or university

Both colleges are known for study, but some universities and colleges have beautiful locations where we can manage a budget-friendly marriage ceremony. The only problem is to take permission from the authorities for the ceremony.

Sum up

In this article, we have discussed affordable wedding venues. This article is about tips on managing a marriage ceremony on a meager budget that does not feel cheap. Sometimes people are apprehensive about the budget. After reading this article, they will be happy to know how they can help themselves according to their budget.