Projects management certificates are vital and beneficial for a person who wants to become a project manager because these certificates raise the standard of that project manager; there are many benefits of the management certificates given as

  • These certificates give you global recognition; they will provide you better career opportunities.
  • Increase your salary; certificates also help you earn more; according to the 11th edition of the earning power, certificate holders make 22% more than others.
  • Certification also increases your knowledge; every successful project has a skilled manager.

Project management institute offers these certificates; the most famous certificates are PMP, ACP & CAPM. In this article, we will talk over how we can easily pass these exams.

How to crack Project Management Professional(PMP)?

This is considered the highest-ranked project management certification for the project managers; CIO of magazine consider PMP as the top management certification because it denotes you have the specific skills of employers seek and have ability to perform at the highest levels. First of all, we are going to discuss how can we pass the PMP exam; to pass this exam, I will share you some tips; if you follow these tips, you will have chances to pass the exam.

  • Before selecting any management certification, you should take a complete overview of the subject..
  • Studying the whole year, many students want to pass this exam, but unfortunately, they cannot do that because they didn't work hard to crack the exam.
  • Read the outline given from the PMI of your special exams; PMI also suggests the books for the students to prepare the exams.
  • Don't rush to work very fast; keeping calm and remaining consistent is the key to success.
  • Every year PMI changes the format of the exam, so be aware of that.

How to crack Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)?

If you are not appropriate for the PMP due to qualification or some other reasons, then you should try to attempt the PMI ACP certification ; this certificate is valuable; if you are working in an agile organization, then ACP is the best choice for you; this certificate is the evidence of your skills and experience. The certification exam of the ACP has 120 multiple choice questions, and you have three hours to complete it. Now I am going to share some tips to pass the ACP exam.

  • Make a good plan for the exam preparation, this plan will work as your motivation, and you have to stick with it at any cost until you succeed in the exam.
  • Read PMI-ACP book for the preparation, Skip all other books because those are not effective as PMI-ACP books
  • Use the content outline given by the PMI-ACP, do not try to study a different syllabus. Just complete your outline
  • Join some academy or group on Facebook or LinkedIn, and it will be beneficial for you
  • Practice, again and again, test yourself on online tools; it will boost your confidence

These are some of the essential tips to crack the PMI-ACP in your first attempt without difficulty.

How to crack the PMI-Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)?

If you like to manage big projects and want to gain more authority or increase your project management skills in your current role, then CAPM certification is best for you. The certification test has 150 multiple choice questions, which you must submit in three hours. CAPM holders must earn 15 PDU every three years to keep the certification. Now I will discuss some easy tips to crack the exam

  • Study the PMI-CAPM handbook
  • Test yourself through the PMI-CAPM sample questions
  • Enroll yourself in the study courses started by authorized organizations
  • Study the whole year consistently to pass the exam

These are some simple tips to pass the PMI-CAPM.